Hotspot of the Week: CocoVaa Chocolatier

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we choose CocoVaa Chocolatier as our business of the week because of the owner’s story and its delicious chocolate!

In 2018, CocoVaa Chocolatier opened its doors at 1815 East Washington Ave on the east side of Madison. The interesting part of this business is what happened many years prior. The owner, Syouvata Edari, was a trial lawyer and a single mom who had an obsession for chocolate. Her passion for chocolate, flavor creation, and what had been just a hobby for decades, suddenly turned into a small side business in 2014.

In 2016, Syouvata traveled to France to received professional training through E’cole Chocolat and master chocolatier training in France and at ICAM in Lecco, Italy. After spending time in Paris visiting some of the best chocolatiers in the world, she decided to become a Tastemaker. Syouvata works to create a mixture of sensory input from taste, to smell, to the tactile sensation of the texture of a food in your mouth. She seeks to satisfy the most primal instinct in us as humans – to eat- by creating a complete sensory symphony of confectionery bliss.

If you love chocolate, CocoVaa Chocolatier even has a tasting club where you can get a box of wonderful chocolates delivered to your day the first week of every month.

If you are looking for something fun and enjoyably tasty thing to do with a loved one or your family, check out CocoVaa Chocolatier.

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