World Autism Awareness Month

In March 2020, it was reported that 1 in every 54 children in the U.S are affected by Autism. 

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder that can appear within the first three years of life. Children with Autism look like other kids, but their interactions and actions might be different from other children. 

“Autism is a spectrum disorder, which means that it appears in a range of forms and levels of severity. Some individuals develop typical capabilities in terms of speech and language – and develop exceptional skills – but struggle with lifelong social and behavioral differences. Others may have challenges in communication, sensory sensitivities, and behavioral issues, such as excessive tantrums, repetitive behaviors, aggression, and self-harm. The good news is that appropriate treatments can improve outcomes for many, if not most, people diagnosed with ASD.” -ARI

What can you do to help? 

1. Visit to educate yourself on ASD. 

2. DONATE. The causes of ASD remain unclear and by donating to the research will hopefully help resolve that.

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