Get Ready for Winter Outdoor Activities

If you live in the Madison area, you may already know there are a wide variety of great ways to stay active and enjoy the winter months. Here are some FREE outdoor activities you can bundle up and take advantage of. So get off the couch and get yourself moving!

Pheasant Branch Conservancy  Quintessentially Madison because of the way it tucks into the heart of the West side, Pheasant Branch provides a great escape from the hustle of City life regardless of the time of year.  Pheasant Branch’s 3.2 mile loop and extended Bike paths may have snow at times but that shouldn’t stop you from using your boots, snowshoes or cross country skis. The views, wildlife and peaceful aura of this stunning park are magical every day of the year.

UW Arboretum  The beauty and adventure of entering the vast 1200 acre expanse of nature within Madison’s city limits is the draw outdoor lovers point to who choose to make Madison their forever home. With all of its natural beauty close by, the Arboretum offers something for everyone who wants to take advantage of its 17 miles of trails. Whether it’s walking, running, biking or skiing, re-connecting with nature makes this iconic park worthy of repeat visits.

Ice Skating: There are outdoor ice skating Parks in many Madison neighborhoods. Some local favorites include Elver, Tenney and Vilas parks. Each of these offers a staffed warming shelter with ice skate rentals and concessions.

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