National Adopt a Pet From a Shelter Day

National Adopt a Pet From a Shelter Day helps raise awareness for the thousands of animals waiting to be adopted from your local shelters. 

Shelter’s take care of pets all year long and provide them with everything they need to have a happy and healthy life. It is safe to say that maintaining and keeping a furry friend is not always the cheapest. With that being said, if you aren’t able to adopt a pet you could donate to your local animal shelter(s). Donations help with keeping food and any medical needs available to the animals. You could also sign up at your local pet shelter to volunteer. Who wouldn’t want to volunteer at a place where all you have to do is give these cute pets some love?! 

We encourage you to visit a shelter near you and who knows, maybe you’ll end up taking one home with you and giving them a forever home!

List of local shelters:

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