Making Mother’s Day 2021 Special Without Spending a Dime

It has been a long year and with many people already vaccinated, we thought we would share some personalized ideas you can do for Mom to make Mother’s Day special without spending any money. 

  • Call or plan a Zoom – If you don’t live near Mom, calling or doing a Zoom can be the next best thing to being there.
  • Make a Handmade Card or Video – A handwritten note or a video message can warm a Mother’s heart.
  • Give your Mom a hug – If you are vaccinated or masked of course
  • Tell Mom you love her
  • Make something artistic – Mom’s love artwork and handmade things. My older son made me a coffee cup with Love You on it. How special is that!
  • Make breakfast in bed – My kids (2 boys) did this for me for many years and it was always so cute to see what they came up with!
  • Exercise together – go for a walk, bike or hike at a nearby park or go to the healthclub and do a yoga class together.
  • Give Mom the afternoon off – Being.a Mom can be exhausting and having some time to relax, read a book, do an errand, or take a nap is an inviting treat!
  • Share a favorite activity of Mom’s
  • Play a favorite game or doing a puzzle
  • Make cookies or a favorite meal together
  • Watch Mom’s favorite movie
  • Make a picture book – My kids who are now grown took some old pictures when they were young and recreated the same picture at their current age. Super funny to see the differences and expressions. Here is a sample:

What other ideas do you have? Please put them in the comments!

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