Madison Area Attracts Tech Talent

Tech workers are moving to the Madison area in droves, up 74% in 2020. Zach Brandon, executive director of the Greater Madison Chamber of commerce, was recently interviewed by the Wisconsin Technology Council. He indicated that tech talent comes from a number of companies who have relocated to Madison, are looking for a second headquarters or simply start here and organically grow into a larger organization.

If you are one of the many employees moving to the area, we can help you learn about the communities in the area — recreational opportunities including, bike paths, lakes, & sporting clubs; places of worship, volunteering opportunities, unique neighborhoods, and education options. Our specialty is relocation since we, ourselves relocated to the area a number of years ago and have helped countless buyers over the years. We understand it is not just about finding a home – it is about connecting with your community. We can help you find a home remotely and make the transition easier so you can settle in quickly.

Check out the communities in the Madison Area.

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