Hotspot of the Week: RZ & Company Salon & Spa

RZ & Company Salon & Spa is a special full service salon that provides a memorable experience. It has a variety of services including hair, nails, massage, facials, waxing and more. I have been getting my hair done at RZ for the last 13 years because of my consistently exceptional experience and results. Not only does everyone who works there strive to make me feel comfortable but the services they provide are amazing and leave me with a refreshed feeling ready to start or extend my day.

RZ & Company - Interview with Deanne

What matters most in any Salon is getting the details right and making each visit a luxurious experience. The receptionists are always welcoming; they extend warm greetings and always take my coat when I arrive. Deanne Wilson, my hair stylist, is always on time and listens carefully to what I would like done; she provides suggestions and honest feedback and we decide on a plan together.

My results consistently exceed my expectations due in large part to Deanne’s commitment to her craft and her clients. The relaxing atmosphere is a cell free zone but wifi is provided as well as a variety of magazines, foot rests and heaters if you are waiting for your hair color to take hold. The experience is social, rejuvenating and provides time for me to relax before I start my busy day. RZ has earned its great reputation for creating the most satisfying Salon experience in Madison.

Although RZ is a bit pricey, it is a no-tipping salon so if you factor that in to the cost, it is quite reasonable. I have had my hair done at other places and nothing compares.

Recently I sat down with Deanne to talk about her experience being an expert stylist at RZ.

How long have you been at RZ & Company?

15 years. It was my first and only job since going to school.

What is your Specialty?

My specialty is cutting and coloring hair however I am trained to do other services such as manicures and pedicures. I enjoy doing a variety of services and truly appreciate the affect my work has on how my clients feel with the end result.

What do you like most about working at RZ & Company?

I like the team oriented approach that RZ encourages amongst its hair stylists. Everyone helps each other throughout the day. For example, if someone needs a hair wash and I am busy, I can call upon one of the other stylists to do it. In addition, the higher level stylists are mentors to the newer stylists.There is very low turnover at RZ, we are a family, work well together and inspire each other everyday.

RZ has an intensive continuing education program. Through the year, educators are brought in to present the latest trends and discuss what new techniques are available.

What has your journey been like these last 15 years?

At RZ, there are clear promotion paths. I started out as an Associate Designer and worked my way up to Expert Stylist. To get to this level, there is a set of tasks I performed, some of which were very challenging for me. For example, I had to perform a 2 hour presentation to the whole salon on how to work with clients. Presenting to a group is definitely outside my comfort zone so I needed to be prepared and be creative on how to get my message across. I put together visual aides and created a teambuilding game to get everyone engaged on my topic. I remember feeling proud of myself for completing this task and helping the team in the process.

Can you recall a funny/uncomfortable encounter?

I was once washing someones hair and by accident let go of the hose. By the time I got control, my client was soaked and water was everywhere, including on the ceiling.

Have you ever had someone not happy about their cut or color?

Over the years, I have had clients who have wanted drastic cuts/colors. For example, I have gotten requests to go from mid-back length hair to a pixie. Luckily, no one has cried in my chair, although, I have had some clients who I feel were unsure. In those cases, I have followed up with them (via phone) to make sure they were ok with the results after a few days. I want my clients to be happy with what I do so I am willing to do whatever it takes.

Have you ever said no to a client request?

I have never said no to a client request although I wish I could have said no. I have definitely tried to persuade some people from doing drastic changes if I think they may regret it.

Over the last 15 years, I have turned away only a couple of clients. In these cases, the communication was not good, or not a good fit, so I have suggested other stylists to work with them.

What would you like to tell your clients or anyone new to RZ?

I would tell them that I am your advocate and want to provide a stress free experience. I will work with you to understand your goals, provide honest feedback and recommendations to meet your goals.

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