Home Styles

There are many different styles of homes and we know it is hard to choose! We will be featuring a new style each week. Let us know which ones you like in the comments.


The contemporary style consists of a wide range of houses built early and mid-20th century that concentrate on simple forms and geometric lines. These homes usually have large windows and open floor plans which let a lot of natural light come in. This style is environmentally friendly as most of  these homes tend to be built from recycled material and use green systems for plumbing, heating and air conditioning.  Mixed materials like different woods and metals on the exterior followed by the asymmetrical façade give these homes such a unique look! 


The Bungalow style became popular in the early 1900s in Western United States. Not only was it shelter to Americans back then, but it had its artistic touches to it as well which made it popular. There are different types of bungalow styles. Most are known for having wide porches, columns, low-hanging eaves and horizontal accents on the exterior. These homes are usually one to one and a half stories and built in the early 1900s, unless it’s a modernized bungalow. In the interior, you find yourself in a small living room as soon as you walk in with built-ins and a fireplace. Between bedrooms and living spaces, you typically would see columns or arches leading you between each room. These homes were described by the American people as the “American Dream Home”. 


The Farmhouse style first originated in the 1700s. These homes are traditionally in agricultural land where the farming lifestyle is more functional. The term “farmhouse” is used to describe function and simplicity. These homes were built out of necessity for those who owned or worked the farm. They were usually built from scratch by the owners. Farmers would build them out of wood because it was easy to find and saved them some money. The exterior of these homes included; shiplap siding, a rectangular design so farmers could add to the home for new generations, a big porch, and two stories. In the interior, the “formal” spaces would be in the front of the house while the big kitchen and stairs leading to the bedrooms would be in the back of the house.

““Today, you see more contemporary farmhouses with the “barn” style exterior. These houses are not only located out in the country, but are in cities and suburbs as well since the this style is a big trend right now. Big windows, metals, and mixed materials are used to make the farmhouses have a more contemporary feel. The interior is much like the traditional style floor plan, but with a contemporary twist to it.

French Country

The  French Country style became popular in the United States during the 18th century. Its european architecture gives these homes such an elegant and chic vibe. Although this style is known for its expensive taste, it is often described as a comfortable home style. These homes are known for their earth tones, art work, tiles, antique pieces, distressed wood work, curvy linework, gold touches for elegance, and more! The exterior of these homes can vary. You would see earth tones and natural materials like wood, stone, and lime washed walls. These homes are known to be one story, with narrow windows, paired shutters, and steep roofs. The beautiful landscaping and long, circular driveways are what can make these homes so glamorous. Inside, you’ll see a big kitchen with its tiled backsplash and huge island. The formal living spaces and bedrooms are filled with moldings, fireplaces, extravagant lighting, art and contemporary furniture with antique touches.  


The Colonial home style first originated in the United States during the 16th century. During the period when Europeans were immigrating, bringing their influences with them. This style of home was one of them, especially in the Eastern coast. Today, there are many traditional and contemporary colonial style homes all over the U.S. They typically have two-three stories, brick, or wood facades, are symmetrical, have a lot of windows, and paired chimneys. In the interior, you’ll find the kitchen, formal dining and family room on the first floor and the bedrooms on the second floor. 


The Mediterranean style was first introduced in the 1920s as a way to bring tourism in the coastal areas, California and Florida. This style is a mixture of different styles from the Mediterranean region. American architects first got these Mediterranean inspirations from resorts and hotels that they later turned into ideas for houses. They used this architecture aesthetic so people would get an exotic and relaxing feel without having to move overseas. Today, you can find them anywhere in the U.S, but mainly in the coastal areas.

Although the Mediterranean style was made for warmer climate, you can find inspirations from the style anywhere in the United States. On the exterior part of these homes the roofs are usually low-pitched with over hanging eaves covered with red tiles. You can find lime washed walls all through the home. Stucco is also very popular and is usually painted white. A lot of the facades have an Italian touch to them and there is a lot of arches and plaster all throughout the exterior. These homes have large outdoor areas, whether it is in the front porch or backyard. The backyards of these homes are absolutely phenomenal. You’ll usually find a great outdoor loggia with comfortable seating area, fireplaces, outdoor kitchen with iron accents, and gardens. This is a home where people like to entertain so people tend to want a lot of space for that whether it’s inside or outside of the home. In the interior it is common to have big wooden doors and arches all throughout the home. The flooring typically is made of terra-cotta tiles, granite, or marble to keep cool. The ceiling usually tends to be high with wooden panels. The living room is usually located in the back of these homes because it extends to the backyard loggia.

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