Nothing Like a Good Book That You Can’t Put Down

Did you know it is Mystery & Thriller Week? Well, I didn’t either. I’ve also started bartering this week – a new way of life? 

My daughter wanted to know if we had any puzzles she and her roommates could borrow. There was one, in particular, she was looking for – VW buses. I found that and one that was a bunch of cereal boxes through the decades. While on video chat I ran around the house to find the requested items. Great relief when I was able to find both of them. Our house is a bit of a black hole for these types of things. I was obsessed with organization when the kids were little but have let that go over the years. Choosing battles with teenagers – organization was one that wasn’t meant to be fought! After finding the puzzles I asked what she had for me in return. That was a quizzical look on my screen. We had never bartered before. She started to think about what she might have that I would want. We started talking about books. So if you are wondering, 2 puzzles = 1 Michelle Obama Becoming book in our brand new bartering world! 

Before obtaining Becoming, I had popped onto the Goodreads site for some recommendations. This is where I learned it was Mystery Thriller Week. They have a Top 100 Most Popular Mystery & Thrillers.

I was delighted to see some of my favorites, some that I had TOTALLY forgotten about and many are now on my “want to read” list. It contains many that you would expect to find: Steig Larsen, Dan Brown, James Paterson. Gillian Flynn has several entries – I’ve only read Sharp Objects. Janet Evanovich made the list with her Stephanie Plum series. I have a special place for these series as it takes place in Trenton, NJ and surrounding areas. My old stomping ground – you can take the girl out of Jersey but you can’t take the Jersey out of the girl!  You might be wondering which one I forgot about – Agatha Christie! Who forgets about Agatha Christie? Well, I did and one in particular. And Then There Were None – I believe I read this back in junior high. This may have been the first mystery novel I ever read and it really set me on a path. I can’t remember all of the details so I am going to re-read this one. I don’t re-read many books but this one is definitely making the list. 

If you have a book that you couldn’t put down please pass the info along. I’ll be sure to let you know what I thought of Becoming and what I think of And Then There Were None the 2nd time around. 

If you aren’t familiar with GoodReads, it is a free forum where you can get recommendations, rate books you have read, post what you are currently reading, post reviews and keep track of everything. When your friends have joined you can compare notes with them on books, see if they liked it, etc. Another virtual community you can interact with during these times of confinement. Link to About Goodreads for more information.

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