Hotspot of the Week: Dragonfly Hot Yoga

Whether you are looking for a relaxing end to a stressful day or want a challenging workout, Dragonfly Hot Yoga offers inclusive and wholistic classes for every level of yogi.  I was recently gifted a 10 class pass to use there and have thoroughly enjoyed the classes I have taken!

Dragonfly Hot Yoga is conveniently located inside of the upscale Ovation apartments, right off State Street. The classes are ideal in the wintertime; the studio is heated  95 degrees and has wall to ceiling windows, featuring a snowy view of State Street. There are classes for a variety of levels and styles. Slower sessions focus on breath, relaxation and light strength work, 45 minute cardio interval classes allow for a full body workout, and classes in-between offer a mix of relaxation and strength. 

The thing which I appreciate most about dragonfly is the inclusivity of the space. Whether you have never taken a yoga class in your life or you are an experienced in your practice, the staff at dragonfly will make you feel included and welcome. Oftentimes, fitness classes can breed an air of exclusivity, but as soon as you walk into Dragonfly you are immediately greeted by friendly and welcoming staff. A wide variety of classes and flexibility in scheduling allows you to cater your workout to whatever you need that day. Dragonfly offers a safe space for you to relax, workout or simply focus on your breathing. 

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