Hotspot of the Week: Canvas Boxing Club

Located in Middleton’s Harbor Athletic Club, sits Canvas Club Boxing: a workout studio offering group boxing classes composed of circuits such as smacking punching bags, practicing punch combos against sparring partners, and building cardiovascular/muscular endurance through bodyweight exercises. The Rockynostalgia is very real when throwing jabs, hooks, and uppercuts at hanging punching bags to master punching techniques, then quickly transitions into jumping rope to build endurance. After slipping between the taut, flexible ropes encircling Canvas Clubs’ full boxing ring, attendees are then paired up to practice punching and footwork techniques using hand pads to simulate practicing for a match in the ring.

My girlfriend and I (neither of us having ever boxed before) spent the last month taking classes at Canvas Club and have loved every second of it! Donning a pair of gloves and attacking a bag has been a welcome respite from our previous one-dimensional workouts consisting merely of running and lifting weights. The group circuits bring a form of comradery to the workouts and the experienced trainers that oversee each 45 minute workout session offer helpful technique advice and encouragement throughout. The classes are then broken down into beginner, moderate, and advanced classes: beginner classes explain how to put on hand wraps and throw basic punches, while advanced classes offer techniques for boxing in the ring. Canvas Club Boxing has managed to liven-up our workout experience and has gotten us excited about going to the gym again!

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